Armed Guards

We have armed guards which can be deployed anywhere, anytime and in any area. We place guards at high risk or problem areas. Our guards are predominantly ex 32 B.T.N. or Special Forces soldiers with extensive military experience, which renders them superior in a bush and/or urban environment.

Unarmed Guards

Due to our success with our armed guarding division over the past years and numerous requests for unarmed guards we started this division in 2015. These guards carry self-defense devices such as: Pepper spray, Tonfa batons, Stun guns or Pepper Ball guns. These guards are backed up by our armed Tactical Response.

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We make the banking of your hard-earned money more convenient and safer by eliminating the long queues at the bank and the risk of being robbed when you come out.We collect your cash from you as often as you would like us to. We then assume the risk of getting your money safely into your bank as soon as possible.

Body guarding (VIP and dignitary protection)

We have specialized trained personnel to protect you and your precious family and friends.

We will provide an escort to and from venues and ensure the safety of our clients at all times. Armed vehicle and asset protection We specialize in the armed escorting of assets, providing protection for your cargo locally as well as into surrounding African countries.